Are you struggling with rOCD or obsessive thoughts and doubts about your partner?
Watch the video below!
Hi there...
Do you have intrusive thoughts and doubts about your partner?

Do you google endlessly about your relationship trying to find answers to your obsessions?

Maybe you check your feelings to validate your love and feelings…

Have you asked yourself…

“Do I love my partner?”
“What if my partner isn’t the One?”
“What if I’m not attracted enough to my partner?”
"What if I'm meant to be with my ex?"

Do you find yourself… 

Checking your feelings toward your partner…
Checking your feelings about how you feel toward others…
Having unwanted images about your relationship pop up in your head…
Avoiding certain triggers that make you spiral into obsession...

and many other obsessions and compulsions that consume your mind?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place… and I welcome you with all of my support and care…

If you’re looking for peace and clarity from your obsessions about your relationship… and if you want to experience deep love with your current partner that you SO long for… then this is for you…

I want to first bring you some comfort and say that… 
- You DON’T need to leave your partner to be free of rOCD
- You can experience love and contentment with your current partner
- You have the ability to find freedom from rOCD!
    “Kiyomi, no words can describe what you’ve done for me. You really changed my life. By meeting you, the course and the community I can breathe again and... I married my best friend. I hope I will ever meet you in the future and please, keep doing what you are doing because you’re a life saver and my angel on my shoulder!
    “Kiyomi changed my life! Meeting Kiyomi was a true turning point in my life... she is so profoundly wise beyond her years... and i've never been the same since working with her.”
- Annemijn, Netherlands
My name is Kiyomi Fae. 
I've worked with dozens of clients on overcoming their anxieties & have led seminars & talks on mental and spiritual health. My deep purpose in this world is helping people find peace, clarity & joy in their lives. 

 I also know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced everything ranging from debilitating rOCD and obsessive thoughts about their partner (yes, i’ve had all the thoughts & feelings that you’ve had)… to hypochondria (health anxiety)… other obsessive thoughts to constant panic attacks… 
Here's a personal story...
About 10 years ago, my rOCD was at it’s worst… 

 I remember running to my dads room crying, as if I had committed the worst crime.

“Dad…” I sobbed…
“How do I know if I love him or not?”
“How do I know if I love him enough?”
“What if I’m more attracted to other people?”
“What if I need to leave this relationship?”
"What if he's not the One?"

He looked at me and responded with comforting words…

“Kiyomi, love is a choice.”
“Despite how you may be feeling or thinking right now… You have the ability to choose.”

To be honest, there were so many times when the obsessions and compulsions would rule my mind to the point where I couldn’t even leave my house. It was hard for me to see friends, it was hard for me to see movies, listen to songs. Basically everything was a trigger. All I could do was check to see if there were any feelings of “being in love” or check to see if what I was feeling for my partner was right or if he was “The One”. 

After I would compulsively check… I would find some sort of instant relief…

“Okay, I DO love my partner.” 

But then a couple minutes later.. I would spiral back down again…
It was a complete, endless cycle. 

I felt alone, confused, terrified and extremely afraid. 
I wanted an answer so badly.
I would google endlessly for hours on end until I was mentally burnt out.

And luckily, when I found the term rOCD, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Reaching out asking for help was a huge part of my progress.

I saw therapist, coaches, counselors, had mentors and read over hundred of studies on rOCD. Overtime… after working through the rOCD, I started to find more peace from it all. The intrusive thoughts started to fade away and the compulsions started to fade out. 

Fast forward to now… 

I haven’t experienced rOCD thoughts, obsessions or feelings for many years.

and last week… 

I was looking at my fiancé of over 10 years (who stuck with me on the journey of rOCD).

I was sitting next to him and we were picking out themes for our September wedding this year.

I found freedom from ROCD.

and most importantly...

I have happily stayed with my partner throughout it all and our love is stronger than ever.

Many years after the rOCD started to fade away, other people who experienced rOCD started messaging me and reaching out to me. After being able to help dozens of women find more peace and clarity, I realized that I needed to share my insights on rOCD with the world. 

That’s when I started a YouTube channel where I shared some of the insights I learned on my own personal journey. After just releasing a few videos, hundreds of people started reaching out saying how much the videos were helping them. At that point, I recognized that I had a deep gift within myself to help people just like you find freedom rOCD.

And that's why I created a brand new online course called The Awaken into Love ROCD Course.

If you are struggling with rOCD or obsessive thoughts about your partner, then this course is here for you!
"This course and Kiyomi are a blessing and gift from God!"
- Julie
Meet The ROCD Course & Community!

"Kiyomi understands because she has been there. 
Every thought, every feeling, every obsession. She gets it 100%"
- Natalie
In this course... 
you will find: 
In this course you will find:
 13 Modules on rOCD!

You’ll get access to thirteen in video format covering what you need to know about rOCD: 

1) What is rOCD? (With Calming Exercises to Help Your Anxiety)
2) rOCD Beliefs check-list 
3) What is love?
4) Intrusive Thoughts & Feelings 
5) The Thoughts & Your Power
6) The Power of Acceptance 
7) Mindfulness with rOCD
8) Trigger & Exposure work
9) Leaning into Uncertainty
10) What You Can Expect
and  more with Tools & Exercises To Help You Get You Through!

 Frequently Asked Q&A’s on rOCD!

You’ll have access to answers to the most common questions people ask about rOCD... and if you have questions that aren't on there, you can submit them to me and I will answer it (anonymously). Some of the Q&As include:

- Why does my love for my partner feel fake?
- Why do I feel as though something is not quite right?
- Why do I have the urge to leave?
- Don't I need to work on myself before working on the relationship?
- There's a lot of shame and guilt, am I hiding something?
- What about this phase, "Trust Your Gut?"
- I have obsessive thoughts, but no anxiety! Is this my truth?

... and so many more!

You'll also get... 
 rOCD Interviews… you’ll get access to interviews with others who have gone through rOCD themselves.
 Guided Practices… you’ll get a number of guided meditations and guided practices that you can do at your own pace to help you find more calmness and peace throughout your journey with rOCD. 
 Private Facebook Group… you’ll be able to join a private community where you can meet others who experience rOCD and feel supported on your journey. LIVE videos and chats are posted in this community as well! (It’s optional to join, and the name is secret and hidden, so no one can find you!)
 Best rOCD Resources… You’ll get access to my list of favorite books, articles and resources that I find on rOCD.
 And keep in mind… This course is constantly updated with information so you’ll never feel lost. You’ll also be able to message me and send me an email with your questions at anytime... and I will make sure that they’re always answered!
"For anyone young wanting to buy this course and get into it, and you’re scared because of your age, or scared because you won’t think it’ll work. Just do it. I promise you, you will feel so much better."
- Ashley
You'll get all of this for just $34.99/month and you can cancel your membership at anytime!
Here's What Others Have To Say About The Course...
"Finding your course was honestly the biggest
blessing in my life to date" - Kelsey

"Kiyomi, I wanted to let you know that this course has helped me so much. In the beginning, things were so difficult. I could hardly get out of bed... but, now I have days where I feel finally feel normal again and days where I feel in love again with my partner. Something I hadn't experienced in months. Thank you... you've helped me so much..." - Rebecca, 22 (Illinois)

"How can I ever thank you enough? I have to confess, this is more of a long letter then a testimonial but I think you can filter the important things out, right? It is hard for me to write a short letter because all of this is a huge part of my life and it will always be. But now, where do I start? Before meeting you, the course and the community, I never felt so much pain and anxiety inside my body. I really thought that nothing could help me and I would always be like that. Always scared and sad. Not enjoying a little thing. Even thought about wanting to disappear or sleep because then I would’nt feel anything. Honestly, it’s so hard to write it but also thinking about being dead. Not that I wanted to left my life and all my lovely friends and family, but life was too hard to live with the ROCD. I couldn’t do it anymore. My body was screaming for peace and calm. 
Then, some day, searching for answers on the internet again, I found you Kiyomi. On YouTube. I remember that I couldn’t believe I finally knew that the horrible thing we call ROCD now, was actually a thing. For years I was searching for a name so I knew I wasn’t crazy, but most important, it was not my relationship! It was a weight loss, such a relieve. I still can’t describe the feeling to know that it was not my now husband Niek who was the wrong man to be with. All the time it was the ROCD.  
I remember writing my first e-mail to you and then looking and refreshing my mailbox every minute, just waiting for your answer. I was feeling and thinking like you were my last option. Your answer came a couple days later. Niek and me were at our best friends, discussing our wedding. I remember going to the toilet and have a quick view at your e-mail. I was so overwhelmed by your answer. Had tears in my eyes. My journey had already started by seeing a therapist, but at that point I thought maybe it really can get better.  I was working my ass off by working on the course, sessions with my therapist, being part of the community, reading a lot of articles and books, doing mindfullness and so on. Also taking medication so I could at least sleep. Slowly, the calm and peace turned back in my body. My healing was everything but easy. This period in my life was the most horrible time I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes I really had the feeling that I was over it and then the next day I was crawling trough the day again. Right on time, I had the ROCD in my power. Because my wedding day was coming. I still can’t believe how calm and brave I was on that day. Like I had a angel on my shoulder who protected me the whole day. I enjoyed every single minute of that day. Cried a lot because of all the joy inside my body. For me it was a commitment to my best friend but also a new chapter with no space for the monster ROCD anymore. Of course some days are still hard. But isn’t that life? I can’t feel perfectly fine every day. The anxiety is a part of me and sometimes I even need it. Then I think about the work I’ve done and can reset my mind.  People from the community are asking me questions on a private messenger on Facebook. To talk to them and help them even helps me. It’s amazing what this community can mean for us and what it can bring us all. I think to know that you’re not alone in this and talking to people who are also experiencing ROCD, was the most important step for me in my healing.  Kiyomi, no words can describe what you’ve done for me. You really changed my life. By meeting you, the course and the community I can breath again and I married my best friend. I hope I will ever meet you in the future and please, keep doing what you are doing because you’re a life saver and my angel on my shoulder!
- Annemijn, Netherlands

"For many years my rOCD was so severe it became debilitating, not only towards my relationship, but also my daily life. Things like my job performance, taking care of my personal health, and keeping close friendships became a challenge. I continuously felt anxious and drained because the majority of my energy would be spent obsessing whether or not I loved my partner, and whether or not we were meant to be together. The worst part was, when I would get stuck in these obsessive states, they would feel endless. Eventually my brain started to believe that my rOCD was permanent and that I would never feel “normal”. It wasn’t until I stated getting help from Kiyomi that I began to slowly realize that I am in control, and that I can change the way I think and feel.   
For me, the hardest part about overcoming rOCD was truly recognizing that these viscous cycles of obsessive thinking can be broken, and that the intrusive thoughts and bad feelings about your relationship don’t necessarily mean anything at all. They are just thoughts, and no matter how horrible you may feel at the time, or how damaged you may think your relationship is from rOCD, with hard work and dedication, you can regain happiness. Overcoming rOCD is no easy task. It certainly takes lots of time and someone special like Kiyomi to help guide you through recovery. Not only is Kiyomi is one of the kindest and most passionate people I’ve met, but she has also put forth methods of rOCD therapy in a way which no other therapist has done. Her podcast, YouTube channel, and website are extremely helpful and well organized. She has also created a private Facebook community in which rOCD sufferers can share their stories and converse amongst each other. Kiyomi has done so much for me and the rOCD community, that no words can describe how thankful I am to have been given the personal support, and the necessary tools needed for recovery. Kiyomi continues to evolve and grow this community every single day and I would highly recommend anyone who suffers from rOCD to give her course a try!"" - Matt 

 "You really don’t know how much you have helped me. I honestly do not know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for your wonderful techniques and mindfulness teachings. I just want to thank YOU for all the amazing hard work you’ve put in for the course as it’s brought such awareness for people like myself. To go to sleep at night knowing that there is actual light at the end of the tunnel, even in my darkest of places, is all because of you" - Lucie, 20

"Thank you, Kiyomi and Alexis. Thank you so much. You have both helped me so much. I really don't know what I would have done without the both of you and all of your help in the course and also through therapy!" - Monica, 28 (Ibiza, Spain)

 "Since I started this course, everyday has been easier than the last day. I know that the changes from the outside might seem small, but in comparison to before, they are so big. 
I can feel connected to my partner again and my heart feels full around my partner! I have had a week without any obsessive thoughts or compulsions, and I was experiencing ROCD for 6 months!" 
- John, 37 (Cork, Ireland)

"This community and this course has really helped beyond what words can explain! It's just been such a weight off my shoulders to just know that I'm not alone. I used to avoid hanging out with my friends because I was constantly triggered. My obsessions about my partner used to be so bad that I felt I was in a prison every moment of the day. I can't thank Kiyomi enough for this course. The relief I've felt is something I haven't felt in years..." - Anika, 18 (Mumbai, India)

"Ever since I just started doing the ROCD course, I've felt peace and calm I haven't felt in a long time. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it."
- Sara, 27 (Provence, France)

"Kiyomi, you have helped me immensely during my experiences with ROCD. I had felt that ROCD meant that I was in an unhealthy relationship, or in some ways what i was experiencing was wrong. I honestly could not imagine getting through this period without you." - Sophie, 29 (Pennslyvania)

 "I never believed in my ability to beat ROCD. I didn’t even want to accept that i had anxiety about my partner to begin with. I spent countless days doubting, crying, and wallowing in my own self pity. I remember when I first came across Kiyomi's story. How young she was, yet how brave as well, which was exactly what I needed to hear. I remember contacting her and begging for help and answers. I had fallen deep into despair. “How am i going to do this?” “I can’t do this” “I don’t want to do this”. All phrases my fragile soul knows all too well. Kiyomi’s kind wisdom lifted me up and comforted me in the way a mom’s warm soup would when your down with a cold. Her kind words were the soothing balm my mind so desperately craved. It’s as if she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the light of acceptance. Acceptance of my thoughts, my emotions, and my anxiety as a whole. Because of her, I’ve come to truly accept my partner and the obsessions i've had toward him in a different light. I cannot thank her enough. For anyone young wanting to buy this course and get into it, and you’re scared because of your age, or scared because you won’t think it’ll work. just do it. I promise you, you will feel so much better." -Ashley, 22 (Texas)

"This course was so helpful, and it helped me make sense of all of the uncertainties and fears about my relationship. I was better able to articulate to my therapist what I was going through, and we were able to determine a plan of action for recovery. Kiyomi promptly responded to an email I sent to her, and it encouraged me to stay positive. Kiyomi, thank you so much for creating this program!"
- Anonymous (California)

"I really appreciate the guidance and support that Kiyomi has provided me. Having been given the valuable tools to equip me in my recent marriage, I have learned and become convinced that love is truly about action and sacrifice, not just feelings. This has prepared me for an amazing journey that I know is meant to be a true blessing from God, not a source of anxiety."
- Jake 

"People never talk about the positives that come out of stuff like (rOCD) but here are positivies that have changed my life since taking this course: I have met an incredible community of people who actually get me. They have the same obsessions, doubts, fears as me. They've become my friends from all over the world and it's helped me so much in my recovery. This course has also helped me finally accept ME, and no, that doesn't mean leave my partner, because I am still with my partner to this day! It's also helped me understand what love is, that it's a choice. So, not only did I learn how to manage ROCD, I learned how to love myself for the first time."
- Mary (Delaware)
The Awaken Into Love Guarantee
Everyone who joins will get a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee!
That's right! If you do all of the trainings, actively participate in the community, reach out to us when you are struggling and give it your ABSOLUTE ALL... and still don't feel any better within the first 30 days... I will give you a full refund.
By signing up for the course… you’ll ALSO get some special gifts from me!
By signing up… you’ll ALSO get some special gifts from me!!!
 Gift #1: The FULL rOCD Checklist
When you purchase this course, you will get The FULL rOCD Checklist… This checklist is a quick little guide to that helps you get your rOCD worries... quickly answered! Every time a thought pops up, you can look for it in the checklist and get an explanation.
 Gift #2: The 27 Daily Practices for  rOCD
By joining, you’ll also get access to the 27 Daily Practices for rOCD! I created this e-book to help individuals who are dealing with anxiety and rOCD. Each day is unique with quotes, practices and calming reminders. It's like having a good friend with you all the time!
 Gift #3: 10 Powerful Affirmations for ROCD
You'll also receive this booklet that I created when you need a pick-me up. These powerful affirmations have been extremely helpful when I experienced ROCD and have saved me many times. You can find this booklet in the Tools & Exercise section in the course. 
These gifts are totally yours for free with the course! :)

Cheering you on! x
Frequently Asked Q&A's
 Will joining this course/community mean that I have to leave my partner?

Absolutely not! If you're in a healthy relationship with a good foundation, then you should have no reason to leave your relationship even after you go through the course and join the community! If you're really worried about this then you can always email me before joining the course. Your freedom is worth it! I promise.

 Do I need to be diagnosed with rOCD in order to join?

No! You do not need to be diagnosed with ROCD to take this course. If you have obsessions, anxiety, fear, and sometimes compulsions in your relationship, then this course will be helpful or you. This course tackles the suffering that you experience, not the diagnoses of ROCD. If you are suffering in your relationship, if what I've said resonates with you, and at multiple times you've said "that's me" to my work, then come join us!

 I'm already seeing a therapist... will joining stop my progress?

This course should be an adjunct to therapy. Many therapists don't know or understand ROCD very deeply so having a course/community alongside therapy can be extremely helpful and can speed the growing process.
 Am I too young to join this course/community?

You must be 18 or older to join this course. Other than that, there's no age discrimination in this course and community.  I started dating my fiancé when I was 17, and ROCD hit pretty early on when I was a teen. If I can do it at that age, you can too! 
 I'm worried that this course/community will feed into my compulsive reassurance seeking.

The course is designed to educate you and give you tools to find freedom, not give you reassurance. The community is also designed in a way where we are monitoring reassurance seeking. 
 I am a man, can I join as well? Or is it just for women?

You can absolutely join! We have many men in the course/community and they are getting as much benefit from the course/community as the women in the group. We are open to all gender roles, identities, sexual orientations etc. and we do not tolerate any discrimination, hate and/or negativity in the course/community. You are so very welcomed and supported!
 What if I'm still unsure?

If you're still unsure on whether you should sign up for the course, then shoot me an email at I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. It's important to remember that change can sometime be scary, but your freedom is worth it!
Disclaimer: This course is not meant to replace professional therapy but can help educate and support you along the process. If you are looking for a licensed and professional therapist, then please contact someone that may be able to assist you. Please note that this course is not meant to diagnose you or treat a mental health disorder, it's just intended to educate and support you. if you are looking for psychotherapist or a if a therapist then you are welcome to work with our therapist, Alexis De Los Santos, if not, I would be happy to refer you to someone else. By signing up for the course, you agree to this disclaimer and the conditions outlined in the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy pages linked below.
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