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The rOCD Journey: You Are Not Alone
In her brand new-ebook, Kiyomi takes you all the way back 10 years ago when she started experiencing rOCD all the way up until now.  She shares her journey of overcoming ROCD to inspire and motivate you on your journey. And most importantly, this-ebook is here to show you that you're really not alone and give you hope. 
In this e-book, you will discover: 
  • How Kiyomi found freedom from ROCD 
  •  Why many professionals do not know about ROCD and why it's a relatively "new" diagnosis. 
  •  That you will find freedom from questioning your beliefs.
  •  How ROCD teaches you self-empowerment and trust.
  •  Why it's important to understand love.
  •  Why self-compassion and acceptance is everything
  •  Why we believe ROCD is a coping mechanism.
  •  Why we don't believe ROCD is an illness or disease.
  •   And even success stories of other people with ROCD!
" This book will give you the hope and inspiration you need."

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